Plot For Sale In Rawalpindi

The plot for sale in Rawalpindi is located in the Jehangirbag area of Pakistan. It was sold to a foreign investor on the basis of an agreement that was made between the seller and the foreign investor. According to this agreement, the investor would purchase a certain share of the property for a particular price.

This was the second plot for sale in Rawalpindi that was bought on an agreement made between an Indian and a foreign investor. Both these plots are owned by Gurdas Mann, who is a resident of Rawalpindi. He acquired these plots for his own personal use and is not related to either the Tajam or the Leela industries.

plot for sale in rawalpindi


The plot for sale in Rawalpindi is about thirty-five feet wide, with the portion of the plot that has been allocating for the residence of Gurdas Mann having a size of about eight hundred square feet.

That plot includes an allotted amount of land. Which is about one thousand square feet in area and another fifty-four square feet of agricultural land outside the plot.

The plot is also approximately twenty-five feet from the road that connects Rawalpindi to the rest of Pakistan. The price of this plot for sale in Rawalpindi is approximately three thousand dollars.

Why Invest In A Plot For Sale In Rawalpindi?

The plot for sale in Rawalpindi is located at a location that is close to the international airport. The railway station and the major bus stand as well as a major public transport bus stand. Another benefit of investing in the plot is that it is located at a place. Where you will be able to find a number of businesses that deal with providing plumbing, electrical, and other related services.

The main bus station that is located near this plot is the Choloklum Road Bus Stand. Which provides transport services to different parts of Pakistan. The availability of a major public transport bus makes investing in this plot an advantage. Those who are looking to relocate to Pakistan from the United Kingdom or other countries in the region.

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