Property Investment in Pakistan

Pakistan's real estate market has seen phenomenal growth in the past five years. There has been a marked improvement in both the quality and the number of properties that have been sold. Although a number of factors contribute to this, the major driver is the availability of unsold properties. As a consequence, there has been [...]

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Choosing an Affordable Real Estate Management System

A real estate management system is defined as the set of techniques and strategies for managing real estate. The real estate management system consists of various parts like property management, budgeting, tenant and lease processing, property evaluation, landlord and tenant relations, and real estate law among others. The real estate management system helps an estate [...]

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Is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) an Option For You?

A real estate investment trust, also known as a REIT, is an entity that owns, and most times functions, income-generating real estate. REITs typically own a variety of kinds of real estate, ranging from apartment and office buildings to commercial foreclosures, warehouses, shopping centers, and hospitals. As opposed to an ordinary "shell" business structure, where [...]

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Setting Up a Business in Pakistan

If you are going to start your own real estate business in Pakistan or if you already have a real estate business in Pakistan then there are many things you should know. Firstly, there are a lot of people who want to invest in the real estate business in Pakistan. This is because there are [...]

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A Discussion About Real Estate Property For Sale

Looking for a good and lucrative deal in buying a lahore real estate property discussion is possible if you go through a proper Lahore real estate property discussion. You would be surprised to know about the number of people who have fallen victim to fraudulent activities on the part of realtors and property dealers in [...]

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Real Estate Report – Factors Driving Property Price Hike in Pakistan

Real Estate Pakistan is among the densely populated developing countries on the globe. So, the demand for residential projects never decreases by any passing day. This offers an ideal opportunity for investors in real estate of Pakistan to reap handsome profits out of their lucrative investments made on the rapidly growing real estate markets of [...]

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Urbanization and Development Slow Down the Home Building Market

Real estate refers to real property including the structures and land on it, and its accompanying natural resources like water, plants, or minerals; immovable personal property of that nature. The scope of real estate includes a vast area including the entire world, excluding water and underground mines. In recent years, real estate has emerged as [...]

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Plot For Sale In Rawalpindi

The plot for sale in Rawalpindi is located in the Jehangirbag area of Pakistan. It was sold to a foreign investor on the basis of an agreement that was made between the seller and the foreign investor. According to this agreement, the investor would purchase a certain share of the property for a particular price. [...]

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